about me

I'm Laura.  I live in one house, with two barns.  One of those you might call a garage, but in this house, we call it "the little barn".  I'm a mom- with one husband and two little peeps (that unintentionally tied in nicely) 

We live in a century old farmhouse on a small piece of land in Ontario along Lake Erie.  We bought our house 8 years ago and have been slowly working away on it inside and out.  In summer it's our little piece of loveliness. 

 I can't talk to you about winter.  It stresses Tim out.

I have a part time day job and a small business on the side where I can work on my creative muscles. Sometimes I actually do work on my other muscles, but usually I prefer cookies instead. 

I like to make things- art, crafts, food, messes.  

As a solid C student in grade school art, I didn't believe that I was artistic or creative, but in the early 2000's my mom opened a kitchen store in our town.  I slowly took over the merchandising in the store and the store windows.  I loved it.  It was fun.  I could make the things I saw in my head.  

I do that in my home now.  Or I try to anyways. I'm always refining my style.  Trying to get it just the way I want it, on my own (or getting my dad to help!)  Redoing old furniture, repurposing old junk, repainting rooms, making art -it's what I love.  

I always want to learn how to do more things on my own.  Everything I do is self taught.  I'm my own best teacher.  Taking up residence here in this little space on the interwebs, I'll try to show you what I learn, what I make, what I totally screw up.  I hope you hang out with me often, just don't let me forget to go get the kids off the bus.