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Thrift the Look Challenge- Dark Academia

Hey everyone!  I’m popping back in (after a creative hiatus) for another Thrift the Look challenge. As you likely all know by now, I have a deep affection for the thrift store- some would say it’s a problem. And by some, I mean my husband.  Do I let that stop me?   No I ABSOLUTELY do not! And when there is a challenge that has to do with thrifting, I’m rising to that challenge every single time.  This time the challenge was Dark Academia.  What’s Dark Academia you ask?  It’s an aesthetic or style that’s got a scholarly feel but with a gothic/Victorian tone. Make sense? Kinda make sense?  Think Hogwarts, but throw in a tad more Voldemort and a little less Harry. That’s it in my mind at least.  Then I had to cruise for inspiration cause, yeah, like my description, I was a little at loose ends.  Nothing really spoke to me until I stumbled onto House of Bizarium on Instagram (here’s the link to their profile) I mean look at this thing! (The goofball side of me is hoping you’re singing the

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