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Thrift the Look challenge- Eclectic decor

Hey all!  It’s been about a hundred years, but I’m still here!  My TTL pals have once again inspired me to bang away at the computer and blog a bit. Thank you for the big push Sarah ! And honestly, you throw out the notion that I need to go to the thrift store for a reason beyond my own habit, I’m in. I’m in times 1000.  Do you remember Thrift the Look?  If you go back on the blog here and here - you can take a look at some of the past ones I’ve taken part in. But for a quick refresh- we pick a theme, this round is eclectic decor (more on that in a minute) and then scour the interwebs for inspiration and a look to try and recreate or emulate in our own thrifty ways. So don’t forget to pop over to my pals’ pages and check out their TTL posts as well- the handy dandy links are at the bottom of the post! Ok.  Eclectic decor. So, I have always felt like I am a bit of an eclectic person, especially in my decor style.  It’s a blend of different styles that create a cohesive and unique look

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