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industrial style hanging shelves

Hello!  It's been awhile since I've checked in over here.  Winter has been long and I have pretty much been hibernating- the imprints of my body on my couch are undeniable evidence.

Even though I've been quiet around here, and generally slothing about, we have gotten one project knocked off the list- our hanging shelves in the kitchen.

If you remember, when we built the house, I didn't want any upper cupboards on the back wall of the kitchen.  I had always wanted some kind of shelving, but messing up that beauty tile was not high on my to do list, so we took our time and planned it out.

We talked about doing regular bracketed shelves, but I do change my mind every so often and Tim didn't want to drill into the tile if in a year or so I say I don't like them.  Which, knowing me, could very well happen.

I did a little crowd sourcing on my Insta-stories and my buddy Laurie from Vin'Yet Etc. sent me the best inspiration.

Check this out.

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