Monday, March 26, 2018

beach tote with sass

Hey there friends- so I have warm sunny weather on my mind.  Swimming, ice cream, flip flops, ice cream..... all the warm summer-y things.

I know that summer is still a few months away- but spring is here (ish) and spring break is summer's third cousin twice removed.  And sometimes you get lucky enough to enjoy those summer things early!

In case you do- I have a fun little DIY for you.

A beach tote!

Now if you know me, or are starting to pick up on my vibe- you'll know I have an affinity for puns.  Puns give me life.  I also am a little sassy- just a little 😉   And a punny, sassy beach tote- yep, that's for me.

We start with a burlap-y tote from the dollar store (!) this one has the interior waxed or covered with something, so it would work well with damp towels and suits.  This one measures 18 inches by 14 inches- it's a pretty perfect size.

Figure out your wording - mine is Resting Beach Face (cause, of course) - and your layout.  I measured my area below the button to the inside edge of the border- it was about 11" x 14.5"
If you have a Cricut- making a stencil is easy-  I don't but we do have a sign business, so I have a large vinyl cutter and use that- but you can also print it on a sheet of paper and cut the letters out with an exacto knife- which is what I did pre-cutter days.

Use a block-y font for something like this- Arial or Arial Black, Helvetica- the font I used is Bebas.
Yes, I know that script is prettier, but it's harder to control the stencil and get nice crisp lines.

Center your stencil on your bag- make sure that it's smoothed down nicely.  You can see here that my E and A in Face are lifting up a bit.  I went back and smoothed it down to make as good a seal as I could.  If you are using a paper stencil- spray the back of it with a little spray adhesive.  It will give you a seal that will work.

Two of my favourite tools- DecoArt acrylic craft paint and a high density foam mini roller.  
Easy to clean up and available in a rainbow of colours- I love this paint.  I have way, WAY too much of it.  It's perfect for most of the little - and some not so little- projects I do.  And these rollers are great.  No brush strokes, and lays the paint on nicely in light smooth coats.  PS- I get these at the dollar store too!

Don't load your roller too full- you don't want the paint to bleed through your stencil.  You want nice crisp lines- then it doesn't look so DIY.  With this type of material- I don't usually get much bleeding, but better to do a couple thin coats than one heavy one and end up with a mess.

Peel your stencil off- go on an angle back towards yourself.  Just trust me on this.

And- Voila!  

A fun tote- that you made yourself.  Personalize it up however you like- add some pompoms maybe, or a cute little tag.  Whatever makes you smile.

Then, toss in some towels, the Magnolia Journal, some sunscreen - put on your sunnies, and get on with your bad self.

Peace out beaches ✌

Monday, March 12, 2018

freshen up for spring

In springtime, the only pretty ring time- birds sing.  Hey ding, a ding a ding time.  Sweet lovers love the spring.....

Yes, I love it. 
Did you sing that in your best Gene Wilder Willy Wonka?  I know I did- but I can movie quote all day, onwards and upwards!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by to see if I would be interested in doing some blogger picks for freshening up a space for spring.  And when tasked with some online fake shopping- my answer was YES!  

The room I picked was the (master, in my mind) bedroom.  Now my bedroom doesn't need a refresh, since it's still pretty empty and blah.  It needs the first freshen before the refresh.  You may notice I still have my winter/Christmas sheets on the bed.  I need some help!

If you are like me, the bedroom is the last room you decorate and pretty  up.  My bedroom looks like a 16 year old lives in it, pretty much on the regular.  I work out in there, watch TV, fold laundry, Tim works- and it's a drop zone for allllll the stuff.

But it is my hideaway, when it gets too loud and crazy (which happens often) or when football or golf or the Walking Dead is on- it needs to be a cozy, comfy space- full of things I love, like my little lady, my new glasses (that Tim hates!) and my best girls.

A sweet friend of mine was changing up her space a few years ago, and had heard that I wanted and old door to make a headboard out of.  Lucky for me!  I'll take castoffs like that any day!

This is pretty much a blank space otherwise- ready for some personality......

I thought about how I would want my space to look- I don't want it to be wild and crazy or stark and bare.  Layered with patterns and textures, so it's relaxing but still fun and interesting...
like me 😉

I heart this duvet cover- black and white polka dots and little bitty ruffle... swoon!  

Dottie Duvet Cover Collection

Layer it (for those chilly nights!) with this....

Bainville 3 Piece Quilt Set

Now we all know that throw pillows are a grown woman's stuffed animal, so I had to pick out something that would fulfill that requirement, add a pop of colour and most importantly, drive Tim nuts. 

Newsome Linen Throw Pillow

Can you love a nightstand? I can.

Merrick Pedestal Table

I love the curvy lines on this- it would play off so nicely with the hard, rectangular lines of the headboard.  I think it would nicely fit my things, but not have room for too much junk.
ps. I kind of dig that squirrel too.

And you know I'm not matchy-matchy, so for the other side of the bed I thought this guy would look awesome..... space for the laptop on that pull out shelf too!

Bleau Open Nightstand

Last but not least, we have to have some lamps on those nightstands.

Burrows 26.5" Table Lamp

Neutral but with lots of texture- not only on the base, but the shade too!

All of these items are pieces that I chose myself and are my opinions only.  I wasn't paid or told to tell you these things.  I was asked to pick out some faves and pick I did!

So those are my picks from for a freshened up bedroom this spring.  Warm and cozy, but fresh and bright- just how I like my spring!  Doing all this faux shopping has given me so much inspiration to actually get to working on that space now!  And get some more throw pillows- cause you can never have enough!

Here are my spring picks along with some from some other talented bloggers- be sure to hop over to see their ideas!

My Bedroom Refresh Picks
duvets and cover sets Dottie Duvet Cover Collection
nightstands Merrick Pedestal Table
table lamps Burrows 26.5" Table Lamp
quilts and coverlets Bainville 3 Piece Quilt Set
pillows Newsome Linen Throw Pillow
Living Room refresh with Maybe Jamie
Floor Lamps Starns 63.75" Arched Floor Lamp
mirrors Wegman Accent Wall Mirror
storage boxes bins baskets and buckets Sea Grass Basket
accent chairs Eytel Armchair
Area Rugs Broken Lattice White/Light Grey Area Rug
Kitchen refresh with Sydney Dawn
food storage Wayfair Basics Plastic 27 Container Food Storage Set
kitchen towels Patterned Cotton Dishcloth
kitchen canisters Palladian Window 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set 
bar stools Lompoc 24" Bar Stool
indoor plants Aldorough 3 Piece Faux Southwest Succulent Set
Outdoor refresh with Dumped and Hungry
outdoor fire pits Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table
outdoor pillows Wilkerson Round Outdoor Piped Edge Bolster Pillow
conversation sets 9 Piece Rattan Sectional Set with Cushions
planters Modesto Plastic Pot Planter
string lights 100 ft. Globe String Lights
Bathroom refresh with Design on Her Mind
scented oils and diffusers PureSpa Natural Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
hand towels Turkish Hand Towel
bath accessory sets Fielding 3-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set
bath rugs and bath mats Cortez Bath Mat
shower curtains Everardo 100% Cotton Tassel Shower Curtain
laundry baskets and hampers Blend Laundry Hamper