Tuesday, September 5, 2017

well that was a blur

Hey everyone, it's been awhile.  I hate how I always start my posts with something similar to that- I need to get better at either A. posting more frequently or B. opening lines.

 flirting flirt joey joey tribbiani how you doin GIF


Since I'm no Joey Tribiani, I may have to go with option A.

Last time I checked in over here, I was talking about plans for the kitchen in the new house.  Today I'm sitting in it writing this.  That went by fast- like I said in the title, it was a blur.

Today I'm going to do a recap for you, the house is far from where I want it to be decor-wise and there's still random junk all over the place, so the pretty tour pics will have to wait for a little bit yet.

And just a disclaimer here, the pics are not going to be gorgeous awesome pics, they are going to be phone pics cause I only documented with that and cause I have no idea where the camera is.  #movingproblems

Also, I don't have barns anymore and I know I have to change my header and maybe the name, but we will see.  For now, here you go......
Yeah, I'm probably not going to go with that.

Let's turn back the clock and I'll try and catch you up.