well that was a blur

Hey everyone, it's been awhile.  I hate how I always start my posts with something similar to that- I need to get better at either A. posting more frequently or B. opening lines.

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Since I'm no Joey Tribiani, I may have to go with option A.

Last time I checked in over here, I was talking about plans for the kitchen in the new house.  Today I'm sitting in it writing this.  That went by fast- like I said in the title, it was a blur.

Today I'm going to do a recap for you, the house is far from where I want it to be decor-wise and there's still random junk all over the place, so the pretty tour pics will have to wait for a little bit yet.

And just a disclaimer here, the pics are not going to be gorgeous awesome pics, they are going to be phone pics cause I only documented with that and cause I have no idea where the camera is.  #movingproblems

Also, I don't have barns anymore and I know I have to change my header and maybe the name, but we will see.  For now, here you go......
Yeah, I'm probably not going to go with that.

Let's turn back the clock and I'll try and catch you up.

If you remember, last October, we sold our house and bought a lot and started the process of building a new home.  Our original plan was to contract it all out ourselves.  Thank goodness for us that we didn't.  I am not the most organized person on the planet and don't always deal with copious amounts of stress really well- so going with a contractor seemed like a better plan than me having a breakdown.

We found a plan we liked the idea of online, this little number here.

Then we had an architect adjust it for us.  We flipped it, garage on the other side, changed the roof line so it didn't have that curve and changed the floor plan to suit our needs.  Then we dug and it felt like forever till we got to the pretty parts.

Once we got to drywall stage, everything felt kinda like a whirlwind.  Picking stuff out- while packing up the house and trying to live a semi-normal life.

Paint colours.

Laura's um, what? moment #1.  When you get your house painted- when you are building new- you are limited to the number of colours you get.  We have only done renovations to this point- one we had a painter and one we painted ourselves.  I just did what I wanted- no big deal.

Well this time, I got three colours.

Did you know that ceiling and trim count as colours?  Yep.

So we found out Sunday- which was Mother's Day, that we needed colours THE NEXT DAY.  And the painter uses Sherwin Williams- we don't have a local dealer, so I jumped in the car with my daughter and we drove the 45 minutes to the Sherwin Williams store to pick out colours.  This was BEFORE I knew that trim and ceiling counted.

I know that white walls are totally in- and I like them.  I seriously do.  I might have done it if I didn't marry King Colourful. Yes, if it were up to him, we would live in a house like a box of crayons.  So I went light and bright but still a bit of colour to make the King happy.

Sherwin Willaims Seasalt for all the living areas----

SW Pure White for BOTH the ceiling and trim (I'm sneaky, I know 😏 ) and SW Agreeable Grey for the bedrooms and bathrooms

I loved it.

Someone didn't.

So to tame the wild beasts, we painted their rooms.

She wanted mint green.  He wanted dark green.
She got her mint.

He got a dark green on two walls, two walls stayed grey.  He was not impressed.

But by now, I was like, whatever dude.  That's what you're getting.  And it's still there. 
ps. it might be the coziest room in the house.  Guess I'm not THAT dumb.

Ok, paint.✔  


We picked out a large, marble-y looking tile for the kids' bath and the entry way.  It's matte white with a warm grey vein.  

Their shower does have all the tiles in it- I swear.

I am really happy with the layout of these- how the veins run together and it looks more like a slab than individual tiles- the stacking as opposed to a brick or offset pattern reinforces it too.

The master bath we went with my old favourites.  White subway tile and white hex.  I never get tired of it- I would repeat this look again and again and again.

Powder room is where I wasn't as safe.  I really, REALLY wanted patterned tile- but Tim and my builder both vetoed it.  Dudes have no vision.
So I went with black and white.

It's fun in this tiny little space- and it makes me smile everytime I walk past.


I talked about my kitchen plans here and I went pretty close to my original plan.

Shaker cabinets, and the navy island.  I love it.  It's simple, bright and fresh and still works with my crust old junk asthetic.  😉

The tile backsplash is everything.  It really is prettier in person.

We went with a white siligranite sink instead of stainless (which was my original plan).  The reason? Scratches.  Never did I think about belt buckles and jeans buttons, but my sales rep warned me about it.  And knowing us, we would have scratched it the first day.  We are those people.

No shelves on the hood wall right now.  We both love the clean look of the tile too much.

And no light over the sink. But with 13 pots (I know) and 2 pendants (which I will talk about in a minute) it's plenty bright.

So pendants.  Right now we have none.  I have two old green barn lights in the basement, but the are not an exact match.  I don't care, I like it.  Tim- he wants identical twins.  I'll let you know who wins. I'd put the money on me.  😉

Here's a few more interior shots before we step outside.

Looking down from the catwalk to the living area.

Living area a little more unpacked.  We planked the fireplace- no mantle yet, but I have an idea I'm working on.  We were going to do built ins on the sides, but I am really digging the look with the mismatched cabinets.  Maybe you don't, but I like a little bit of quirkiness.

A little glimpse of the master.  Mostly cause there were flowers and no laundry on the bed.  THIS IS NOT A REGULAR OCCURRENCE!

Upstairs- this little chandy-esque light is in the stairwell and lights up the catwalk for the kiddos at night.

The catwalk aka the runway aka the loudest area of the whole darn house.

Holy cow, you still hanging in there?  I know this is long, almost there.

Let's go outside.

Remember my "new header"

There's a clue.

Yep- we did it.  She's a beauty in blue.  I wish someone said that about me....

Blue (vinyl!) siding- I picked a traditional profile, not Dutchlap- which is what is kind of standard around here.  I like how it looks like clapboard- not like James Hardy, but it works for me.  We capped out the corners in white, which I wasn't sure about but Tim really wanted.  It was the right choice for sure. On the second story we matched the colour but used shakes- I don't have a good pic so you will have to imagine.

We went black with the roof.

And RED with the door.

Another Sherwin Williams colour- Showstopper.  And it is.

And there it is.  We're here and we're figuring it out every day.  We lived at our last home for 10 years, so this isn't quite home yet.  It's like putting on a different pair of jeans right after you shower- it's a little hard to get into them, but once you finally do- it's good.  And after awhile, they become your favourite pair.

Be back soon- don't miss me too hard


Unknown said…
Ditto on the love.❤️
Elizabeth Michaud said…
Hi Laura! I love your house ❤️ Your mom sent me a link to your blog (my mom is friends with your mom). I think we are style twins or soulmates lol. We just built a house (blue hardy board with white trim) and a white shaker style kitchen with a big blue island, subway tile everywhere. �� Can't wait to see more photos of your house progress! If you have Instagram you can see our matching houses @bluehouseonthecorner
Unknown said…
Thanks Liz! I popped over and took a peak- love your place!