Monday, April 16, 2018

curl up with a good book

Hey all.  It's the middle of April, and I haven't checked in in awhile, I've been hiding under a blanket somewhere in my house trying to will warm weather to start.  

It hasn't worked yet, but here I am anyways.

The weather is not cooperating as the projects I want to start need a bit warmer temperatures, so I've been cracking the books.  If you remember in my goals post from January, one of my goals is reading 40 books this year. I'm on my way and thought I'd share a few of the titles I loved and a few that are still on my list.  Looking at the extended forecast, there's lots of curl up with a book time.  Heck, I like sitting in the sun reading too- books aren't just for winter to me!

ps.  I'm linking these up to Chapters Indigo, but use your library if you can.  Easier on your wallet!