Country Living Fair 2014

This past weekend, I hopped in the car (with my folks) at dark o'clock and headed down to Columbus, Ohio for the Country Living Fair.

I.  Loved.  It.

Maybe Country Living mag isn't your thing, you may want to skip this post.  It's totally my jam.  I live in an old farmhouse, with (shock) a couple of barns, and I grew up in the "country" vibe.  This isn't the old country style of the 80's though....with ducks and geese and wallpaper border and burgundy and dusty rose and tole painting.  Oh the memories.  It's more modern.  It's a bit of fancy, a bit of rustic, a bit of nature, a bit of industrial.  It's kind of whatever you make it.  (But it's not geese.  It's owls, but it's definitely not geese.) You can mix it all together and get this eclectic mix that has character, personality, history.  That's what I love.

It was all there at the fair. 

 I wanted to buy EVERYTHING.  But, I didn't.  Much to Tim's relief.  I came home with money (!), a couple of small pieces, inspiration and the overwhelming desire to go back.  If you're an HGTV watcher, Cari Cucksey from Cash and Cari and the RePurpose Shop, was there with a booth and displaying her new line of paint.  The colours are gorgeous.  Yummy-licious food- man, we had a killer lunch.  It was just a great day- if you have a chance to go - there's another date in October in Georgia, if not, it will be back in Columbus next September.  I'll totally be there.

I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy any of these.  I get a little overwhelmed at things like this.  I'm probably a little annoying to shop with.

My girl would totally have made me get her one of these beautiful tutus.  She's so fancy.

I LOVED these metal letters.  I was on the hunt for a W, dang it all, I didn't find one. 

Don't mind my goofy grin.  I was totally geeked.  And I was hanging with a couple of my fave people.  


Another stellar addition to the weekend- was this little dude.

Graham Douglas

My one and only nephew.  He's a little pumpkin.  We adore him.  And his big sissy too!

Totally geeked over him too.