50 shades.... of blue

ah not, really.  More like 5 shades.

Happy Friday everyone.  Here in Canada we are on the verge of a nice long Thanksgiving weekend. Pretty awesome.  I love holidays- and Thanksgiving kind of kicks everything into high gear- Halloween comes screaming up on it's heels, then before you know it, Ho, Ho, Ho.  I LOVE IT.

(Free Printable via the Tomkat Studio)

When Christmas music makes you want to kill yourself:

We are not doing Thanksgiving here at the hosue.  I am still lucky enough to have a mama and mil that make the dinners.  I think that makes it taste even better- seriously.  So not having to do the company thing frees us up to get this kids' rooms done.

This .....

is driving me CRAAAAAZY.

On Tuesday, I broke out the yoga pants and got started.  Taping and priming and painting.

Gone are the green walls.  When we did our reno, this was the one colour that the crew did not like. They loved everything else, but they hated this one.  It grew on me, but I never really loved it either. I've come to realize that I have a hard time living with colours with a yellow undertone.  (Which is why I will be painting the kitchen next!)   It was supposed to be mixed at 1/2 strength- good grief, I can't imagine if it was full strength.  But it was bright and happy and full of energy- just like Elise.

Here's the new colour.  Deja Vu from Beauti-tone.  We always use their paint, I don't always use their colours, but always, always the paint.  We like how it covers, how it wears.  And bonus, when you buy 10 gallons, you get one free.  It's a pretty nice little perk.  I'm done painting, but I didn't take a picture cause the room is still in quite a state of disarray.  Next week- I hope.

This is going to be the kids' bedroom - the clothes will be in here too.  That means I have to get 2 sets of clothes stored away in here.  And Miss Elise is quite the clothes horse.

Enter "the dresser".

Yup, "the dresser".  Please note, the dresser does not have a dog head sticking out the side.

This dresser came with the house when we bought it.  It has moved all over the house, from Max's closet when he was a baby, to downstairs to hold linens, back to Elise's room, back to the basement. It's one of those pieces.  It's no heirloom piece by any means.  But, it's lightweight, has 4 drawers and it's free.  Perfect.
I love Pinterest.  How one can while away the time on there- am I right?  I've been pinning stuff for a long time, and I actually do a lot of the things I pin.  So I had pinned some cool dressers and this was one of my faves.

Painted drawers. Just choose your colors from a paint chip card with gradient colors and then buy the little sample jars of each color.


I was out in the barn one day, probably avoiding pulling weeds, and I looked at "the dresser" and thought, "hey, I have some teal paint.  I'm doing this.  And I'll pull weeds later."

I took out all the drawers and took the hardware off.  See this is no spectacular piece of furniture.  I only had to paint the fronts, which made me happy.

I repainted the outer shell in the trim colour I have been using in the house.  It was a Para paints colour from the Sarah Richardson colours- called vintage.  I love it.  (And I love Sarah.  She is just awesome.)
I also painted the top drawer in the white-ish.  Next I took the teal I had left over from my bedroom, and put just a little into the container with the white.

Next drawer, I added some more blue.

And again, but I don't seem to have a picture of that one.

I looked at the dresser again and it had this big space on the bottom that looked just like a drawer.

(I have really nice painting equipment, don't I?)
And I thought I should paint that too, or it might look kinda weird.  So I painted it full strength teal.

And here it is.

I really like it.  I think it's really fun and it was an easy project.  Just some time, some paint, some flip flops and a photo bombing dog and you can call it done in an afternoon!

I'm already thinking it might not stay in that spot.  We have to move the monster bunk bed in and then I'll figure it out.

When I was out running this morning, I went by a yoga studio that writes inspirations on the sidewalk in chalk.  Today's was "Let your days be full of both thanks and giving."  I really liked that- hope it brings a little inspiration to you today too.