I heart small business

Hey everyone, I know I have been MIA for a bit- I do have a reason!
This weekend I am participating in a "One of a Kind" Christmas Gift Show hosted by our local Rotary club.  I am really excited.  And I'm pretty tired!  I've spent the last couple weeks in overdrive getting everything ready to go.  If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen it all before, but just in case you haven't- here's a peak.

(Man, you just gotta love that little barn.  The back porch makes the best backdrop.  One of my dear friends, who happens to be a photographer, has used this area for shoots a bunch of times.)

I'm hoping to bring home way less signs than I take!  And I'm taking A LOT.

I'm also hoping I get a chance to do a little shopping when I'm there.  I love finding unique stuff.Stuff that's handmade.  Stuff that's made here- in Canada.  Now I'm all for a bargain.  I love Target. People please, it's my son's favourite store.  But I LOVE small businesses too.  A number of years ago, my mom owned a kitchen store in our uptown.  I worked there.  I learned a lot.  About the products, about marketing, about customer service, about myself.  It was a great shop and a great experience.  I still have people tell me how much they miss her shop.

I feel like we need to support our local peeps.  We really do.  These people care that extra little bit.  They go the extra mile.  They make something JUST FOR YOU.  How awesome is that?  Like my friend Bonnie.  She has a small business called Seacliffe Cottage.  She has some fantastic stuff.  I own a few pieces!

(note: I do have a pillow problem.)

I LOVE these boots cuffs.  They were supposed to be a Christmas gift last year, but I fell in love and kept them for myself.  (Sorry Candace)

Seriously, check out all this awesomeness....

Joy Christmas Banner Burlap Red Blue Green Plaid Tartan Fabric Rustic Plaid Garland Bunting Christmas Decoration Photo Prop

plaid banner!

Grey Cowl Grey Neck Warmer Construction Sock Monkey Fall Winter Fashion Infinity Scarf Crochet Textured Scarf Grey Red Ivory

I need this

Don't you just love it.  She's on Facebook and has her etsy shop  You need to check her out.  If you're local- Bonnie is at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays and she's going to be hanging out with me at the Christmas gift show this weekend.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Clip Art - Ugly Sweater ClipArt - Tacky Sweater Digital Graphics - DIY Printable Holiday Party Invitations - Festive

Ok, is this not awesome?  For reals.

My friend (from way back, from like being a kid days) Carrie has an etsy shop too.  She's an artist. Always has been!  She's creative and witty and I adore her designs.  She's a local gal too. FishScraps is the place to get wickedly cute, amazing digital art.  Um, scrapbook people, I know there are a TON of you out there.  Carrie's art would be amazing for you- especially digital scrappers...

Birch Wood Digital Paper - Wooden Background Textures - Faux Bois - Rustic Woodland Christmas - Outdoor Wedding - Instant Download Papers

Come on.  I adore this.  Yup, digital papers.  All kinds of stuff.  I'm not a scrapbooker, my attention span is MUCH to short.  But I love using Carrie's art for a bunch of other things I do.  Her backgrounds, her clip art, the frames,  my gosh, the frames.  I love it.  I haven't started my Christmas cards yet (!) but her artwork is perfect for that too.  She is an amazing artist and a mom to boot.  She's a local gal too.  And I totally forgot her digital prints.

Bear Print - Trust Your Instincts - DIY Print Wall Art - 8 x 10 - Instant Download Only - Printable Art - Digital Illustration

Beautiful.  Frame that up.  Totally inspirational... it would look great in my kids' room.....hmmm

Being an entrepreneur (a mom-trepreneur) is hard work!  Hey, I know lots of jobs are hard work, teachers, doctors, police- I don't want to under value anyone here.... but doing your own thing, it's commitment, it's work, it's failure, it's success.

So this year, I challenge everyone to shop local, shop small business. Check out what's going on. You never know what you could be missing out on.  It's probably pretty fabulous.

If you are local- hope to see you at the show this weekend!  I'll be back next week- maybe with some of my Christmas decor or DIY's....I'm THIS close to getting out twinkle lights... this close.