Putting the Mo back in my Jo with a little kitchen refresh

Happy New Year everyone.... better late than never, right?  I've been thinking a blog post out in my mind for a while now, but have never had the get up and go to get up and do it.  That's how I've been feeling about everything lately.  Just tired and uninspired.  I think my creativity and energy got packed up with Christmas (before, if I'm being truthful)- but I've been a lazy old hermit for long enough  *Apologies to any and all hermits- I don't believe you are all old and lazy*  time to gets to steppin'.

After a whole month of "what the heck, it's Christmas" I need to clean up my eating, my exercise (that's not dirty, just non-existent) and my house.  We have a medium-ish reno (more on that soon) coming up this winter- so I'm sticking with smaller changes to the things that are bugging me.  First on the list is the kitchen.

We've actually already started and finished a couple of things in here.   First on my list was replacing the old solid wood door with a 3/4 glass one.

(sorry for the bad IPod pic)

Seriously, isn't that just wonderful.  It's so light and bright- and NOT DRAFTY!  I love it.  It makes me happy.  (I should have fixed the rug there, but ain't nobody got time for that)

Another thing we did was purty up the space over my jam cupboard.

Pretty boring huh?

BAM!  Isn't she pretty now?
Here's the story.... Tim wanted to do a feature wall here- me, not so much.  I wanted to hang my mug rack and shelf (more on those in a sec) and call it a day.  Nope, he wanted something else too.  First try was some old barn board.  Tim went out and sourced some, I liked it.  We talked about it a little, but I was distracted by who knows what, maybe a squirrel, and I guess we made a decision.  One night he went out to the barn and put the barnboard together.  He came in an hour or two later and wanted to make sure I liked it before he hung it.

Now Tim and I actually work really well together, and this makes me forget that the pictures in MY head are NOT the same as the ones in HIS head.

He put his barnboard wall piece up, and.... well.... no.  No.  Not ever in all the evers was I going to like that.  So back to the drawing board.  (My shelf and rack were in the back bathroom leaning against the wall silently waiting to get hung on the wall, don't think I didn't remember)

I've mentioned before that we do sign work- so Tim came up with the idea to do a wall graphic.  I was kind of on the fence on that one, but I poked around Canstock and picked out an image.


We had it printed on a removable fabric and the two of us put it up one evening.

I love how it turned out.  And now, finally, the backdrop was ready for my shelf and rack.  I picked up the rack and the corbels at a barn sale this summer.  Someone else's junk is so often my treasure.

If you remember WAAAAY back in the fall when I did my chalkboard wall, I said I wanted to paint the kitchen, and after 3 months- I really want to.  I posted on my Facebook page a snap of the colour.

It's called Sweet Aloe, and it's part of the Chatelaine French Farmhouse colour collection for Beauti-Tone paint.  It's a really pretty light blue green.

Home interior design trends for 2015

It's even part of the Chatelaine top home design trends for 2015.  I'm so trendy, I can barely stand it. ;)  It's the colour in the top right square.  I think it should lighten and de-yellow the space really nicely.  If I'm being honest, I'm trying to get closer and closer to white without Tim freaking right out.  He's a colour guy.  A BRIGHT colour guy.  I have learned, he does NOT pick out the paint.  If you've been to my house and seen the yellow bathroom- you will know why.

Another item on my list is taking down my pot rack.

And adding a repurposed light, similar to this...


I have electricity up underneath.

So, I'm hoping it won't be too big of a job.  I can't wait to see how that turns out- as I'm also tired of getting bonked in the head by random hanging pots and pans.  I'm whiny like that.

I also want to do something with the dining area.

I'm thinking I'd like to do a built in bench under the window and around the side where the current bench is- and maybe, possibly, some metal chairs. 

Carlisle Dining Chair - Set of 2

These ones are from Target.  But since they just announced they are closing up shop in Canada (booooo!!!!!!) I may have to look around a little more.

Totally make that chain longer on the chandelier.  That high hanging chandy bugs me, it's just not right.  I'm thinking about doing something other than a chain too- like using rope or something.  Or just doing something altogether different.  I'm not sure yet.

Once it gets warmer, I've gotta paint the cupboards again.  On a whim a year and a half ago, I painted all my lowers black.

I still don't mind it- but I really want a lighter, brighter look all around.  Don't even get me started on that countertop.  Ugh.  I know I'm not replacing this eyesore this year but I just don't like it.  I try to just ignore it, but it's like a really red pimple.  You just can't look away, no matter how hard you try. 
I'm going to look into some of the painted treatments that I see all over pinterest, I've got to do something.

So that's the plan, in a large nutshell.  If you have any suggestions or questions or comments, let me know what you think- I'd love to hear it!  

Keep warm my friends, go find someone or 4 to go cuddle.  I know that's what I'm going to go do right now.