master bath reveal

Hey guys- today I'm finally bringing you the master bath reveal.  All the major details are finished, and most of the minor ones too.  I'm still figuring out stuff for the walls, once I figure that out, I'll share it with you too.  But today, I was cleaning and I thought no better time to take some pics than right after it's clean, it's kind of like taking pics of a rare species- when you see it, you click or you're gonna miss it.

So here we go!

Here's the vanity wall- if you remember from the master bath update we did the floor to ceiling subway tile here, much to the chagrin of our tiler.  I'm so happy with it- I think it's almost my favourite part- that and the floor.  I love that floor.

This is my sink- I claimed the one by the window because the natural light is so good here.  Almost too good.  Hello wrinkles.  Beside my sink is a small storage tower (I just got it yesterday!) from Homesense.  It fits perfectly in this little space and holds all of my junk.  (I totally de-junkified it to take these pics)  My tackle box is so much better here than on the floor.  ;)

After a LONG hunt for mirrors, I ended up getting these ones from Moen.  I love them.  They're simple and classic.  I worried I wasn't going to be happy with the frameless design but it's so light and airy and still has a bit of sparkle with the chrome and the bevel edge.

I was really particular about vanity lights too- but once I saw these at Home Depot (and they were under $40 each!!!) I grabbed them as quickly as I could and threw them in my cart.  I have edison style bulbs in them which throw off a really yellow light, but we also put in a few pot lights and with all the natural light from the three windows, these are really just a decorative accent.

Back at the doorway again, but turned the other way.  The toilet is nestled in the back corner, it's kind of weird in front of the window that way, but someone made that decision without me.  (It's totally fine though, it's actually easier to clean around it like that.)   The towel shelf is an old piece of my grandma's - it's made the rounds in the house- in the living room, the kitchen and now here.  I think it's going to stay here.  I think.
I picked up new towels for this bathroom from Superstore-  PC Bloom Spa towels in white.  I love them.  They're really fluffy and soft and they soak up water really well too.

I love that locker basket too.  I'm totally on the hunt for more!

I love my tub.  I know I've said it before, but I do.  That is all.

On a side note- you'll see these two windows are frosted out now for privacy.  We did that ourselves with our own professional products, so it was cut to size.  You can buy a privacy film at the hardware store and do it yourself, but it will never look as good.  Trust me, I did that when we first moved in and it looked like junk- a beautiful giant seam down the middle of the window.

I don't feel the need to add pics of the toilet- except for this handle.  It lifts up.  Who knew.

I don't think I've shared many pics of the shower, so here she is.

The shower kit is from Delta.
The water drops are from my shower.

The faucet at the bottom is called a mop spout Tim tells me.  I call it compromise.  He was set on having this- he really, really wanted it.  I did not.  But since I got my way on most else, and I'm a nice person, I said ok.  And then I stomped my feet.

The shower door is a roller style.  It's so slick.  It's like a barn door shower.  How awesome is that.

I hate towel bars.  I didn't put one in the downstairs bath either.  I prefer hooks.  I know how people (kids) are with towels and towel bars.  JAM THE TOWELS ON THE BAR.  I don't know this from experience, I swear.  I grabbed two of these hooks at Rona on day, I love that they (are supposed to) have name plates on them.  As you can see, when Tim hung them, he didn't put that part on.  I may or may not put them on.  I'm pretty pleased with them as is.

And my little clothes hamper.  I picked this up on clearance at Homesense - it was uneven on the bottom, I think that's why.  Once I grabbed it, I knew I wanted it to roll- so I asked my dad to help. He cut a round of wood for the bottom and attached the casters over top of the wire, so it doesn't slide around.  It's perfect.

It took almost 6 months to get here, but I'm glad we did it.  WE'RE glad we did it.  Once I get the rest of the upstairs in a more put together state, I'll share it with you too.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them.  I'll leave a source list here at the bottom and have links to everything I can find.  If I miss something that you're interested in, let me know and I'll tell you where I found it.

ps. Two more days till summer!


Source list

Tub -  Sax by Maax

Shower - Mirolin

Towels - President's Choice Bloom Spa collection in white available at Loblaw's

Storage tower, rolling wire basket, polka dot jar, small clock - Homesense

Pendants - Home Depot, I can't find them online (similar Shades of Light)

Tackle box, locker basket, small red stool - Attic Treasures