repurposed, reimagined storage solutions

Hey everyone- I haven't checked in a while, I know.  I don't have a reno reveal tour to share with you just yet.  The construction is all done, but it's the finishing stuff that Tim and I have to do that is left. I should be able to share the master bath with you next week.  We just need to hang some hooks and art... and maybe clean it.  I'm in a bit of a state of overwhelmed-ness.  (I know that's not really a word, but it's the perfect description)  I'm having a hard time catching up with anything everything. I'm counting down the days left before summer almost as much as the kids are.  I'm hope to get things done and enjoy the summer at the same time.  Time will tell.....

Even though things aren't finished, I have been working on them.  Getting stuff PUT AWAY.  We've been living in a smidge of chaos here for a number of months.  I cannot tell you the thrill I had taking my clothes off the rolling rack and hanging them in the closet.  I may have a shed a tear.

I'm not going to bore you with my hangers today- I thought I'd share some storage solutions I have that maybe you might not have thought of.  Then again, maybe you have and you may want to go read a book now instead.  I won't be insulted.

Tool box = Book storage

I picked up this old wooden tool box a few years ago and never really knew what to do with it.  I repainted it and then tried it a million and one places around the house.  As you can see in the picture, it's almost the width of the window, so it's pretty big.  One day, I was picking up the books all over the floor AGAIN, and I thought of the tool box.  Now, the kids have a nice book shelf, but it's in the toy room and these are the books they read at bedtime (when they're supposed to be sleeping) so this is perfect.  They can read away, and quick as a wink they I can scoop them up and pop them in here.

 And easy peasy, grab the box by the handle and move it to vacuum.  Winning.

Hooks = Necklace storage

Now, I know this isn't a new one.  I'm sure I got the idea on Pinterest or something, but I am CRAZY about how this works.

I'm not a jewelry box gal.  I'm just not.  And probably if I had one, these would be tangled in a knot that would TAKE HOURS TO UNTANGLE.  That might just possibly be the anger of a memory screaming out there.

My dad made this hook rack out of some reclaimed trim and old hooks.  It's perfect.  The two hooks on the outer edges are double hooks, so I have two areas to load up on each of those hooks.  Now my necklaces are easy to see and easy to grab.  And actually, easy to put away.  Woo to the hoo!

Industrial drawers = jewelry storage

I saw one of my favourite stores post a pic of this little number and I knew I had to have it.  Bonny asked me what I was going to do with it, and I had NO IDEA.  I just knew I NEEDED IT.

Little did I know, the drawers were sectioned.

Bam.  That's just almost to much awesomeness for me to handle right there.  I was nerding it up putting all my earrings and bracelets in there (are you loving this Danielle?) - colour coordinating them (gold in the top drawer, silver in the next)  Again, it's easy to look at all my stuff right there, and I try to put them away, I really do. Tell me I'm not the only person who takes off earrings and leaves them all over.  I can't lay down with them in, they poke me in the head and I can't deal.

Tackle box = Spackle box

Not really spackle- though some days that would probably be a good idea- this old tackle box is my makeup case.  As you can see, I don't have a ton.  There's room for more, if  I decide I need it (which sometimes I do, but I've been in a cleaning phase and that meant makeup bag too)

This works great in my bathroom, hiding my junk and looking cool at the same time.  Open it up and it's all divided too.

I love it.  It almost makes me want to get up and get going in the morning.  ALMOST. 

I think it's great to reuse and repurpose old treasures like these.  I could have toddled on down to W-mart and got something to hold my necklaces and makeup and stuff- I was looking there, I really was- but then I found these pieces and they inspired me to breathe new life into them.  They've got character and personality.  Who doesn't love that?

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There's so many more ideas out there, cruise around on Pinterest, magazines or just let your imagination run.  Like The Nester says "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"  Truth right there.  (If you haven't checked out her blog- go.  It's awesome.)  So have some fun, be creative, and for gosh sakes PUT STUFF AWAY.  Oh, sorry, I had a mom moment there.