semi-homemade Halloween costumes

Hello all- sorry I haven't checked in lately- I've been busy working away in my little sign business- getting ready for Christmas.  I know, it's only October BUT I really like sleeping, and in years past, when I wait to start Christmas work until the last week in October, I find myself staying out in the shop till all hours of the night.  I probably still will end up doing that- but maybe just not as many nights.  

Now doing that- I've kinda skipped right over fall and Halloween in my mind.  I'm already well into December- I mean, when one is making Christmas product, one needs to get in the mood with Christmas songs, am I right?  Hmm, just me then.

Well being in that Christmas-y frame of mind, Halloween snuck right up and tapped me on the shoulder and said "Boo!"  I know it's not the 31st yet, but we have a great tradition where we live. We go to a local campground (Provincial park, actually) and trick or treat on the Saturday before Canadian Thanksgiving.  Our family doesn't camp but friends of ours do and there's a great big group of kidlets that get together and go through the decorated campsites and trick or treat. *Read get hopped up on chocolate*  It's so much fun. It really is- it's not too cold yet, it's still light out and we get to spend time with some really great people.  Even if they let my daughter play with fire.... and have free reign of the candy bowl..... ahem, Natalie.... 

To trick or treat, you need a costume don't you.  Growing up my mom always, ALWAYS made our costumes.  That could possibly be because back in the 80's costumes looked like this.


It's just so life-like isn't it.  *eye roll*  I remember hating those masks- hot, itchy and hard to breathe in.  Plus horrifying- don't forget that.

Ok, back to the present.  So I grew up with a DIY mom- which I'm sure I didn't think was cool back then, because, really, kids don't get it.  And now I'm a DIY mom, but I don't sew.  Not yet anyways, it's on my list. So being a non-sewer, I have to make things work that I can find.  And that, my friends, is not always easy.

First up- Mr M wanted to be a minion.  Ok.  This was much easier than Two-Face from last year's Halloween.

We went over to the thrift store (my favourite place, for almost everything) and looked at the minion costume.  I wasn't sold, I knew we could piece something together for him.  I grabbed a pair of their costume overalls, and we found a yellow button down shirt- perfect.  Tim made him a G for the front- the kids told us it was important.  And then he needed goggles.

Tim will tell you I have a mason jar problem.  I probably do, but don't tell him I admitted to it.  I took two of the rings and just hot glued them together.  Then I went to my ribbon stash- no black, but navy with polka dots, so I glued it on backwards.  Bam.  Goggles.  Tim thought I was WAY off, but they turned out pretty decent.

Happy minion with one of his best buds.

Next up girly girl wanted to be Leonardo- the Ninja Turtle.  I tried to twist her arm, I really wanted her to be Maleficient, but nope.

"I told you for two years mom, I want to be Leo."

I looked at the Ninja Turtle costume, but again, it wasn't doing it for me,  It wasn't saying Elise.

So we came up with this.

The camo joggers are her regular pants.  We found the green shirt at the thrift store, as well as the shiny turtle shell and mask.  The shell has an opening in it- so we put in a pillow to give it some dimension.  It wasn't totally authentic, but it was pretty great to me-  more of her personality shone through.  Which, in this picture is grumpy.

I'm a kid at heart, and I love dressing up too.  I had to work until 5 that night, so I needed something easy to do.

Where's Laura?  I mean Waldo.  I mean Laura.

It was a stroke of luck putting this costume together.

I found the red and white striped shirt ... at the thrift store!  The glasses are my own, as are the jeans. The hat was the most difficult part.  I ended up finding this at the Dollar Tree with the Christmas stuff.

I made the pom pom out of some fleece and safety pinned it to the top.  Not bad for less than $2.

Actually all three costumes together come in under $50.  I realize they do look homemade, but to me that was the fun part of it.  I'm up for a good old fashioned family Halloween any day.  They won't let me get away with this for long, but for now, I'll take it.

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy these beautiful fall days and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends- turkey time in a couple hours.... I can't wait!