mom made valentines (with free printables!)

I heart Valentine's day.  I know it's cheesy and pretty much a greeting card holiday, but I love it anyways.  I remember in grade school getting so excited.  We would make a heart pocket envelope thing for all our friends to put our cards into.  My mom would bake heart sugar cookies and send them to school with us.  And then you'd open the cards.  Terrified and excited that someone wrote "Love So and So" on your card.  Hoping that it was NOT that boy who annoyed you, but that it WAS that boy who pretty much ignores you.  You know what I'm saying, don't you?


As an adult, I still love it.  It's this little bright spot in my most hated month.  It's hearts and candy and special somethings for the special someone(s) in your life. However, Tim and I are not the romantic type.  If we buy cards, they are usually funny ones and I might get a pack of Twizzlers (I LOVE TWIZZLERS!) nothing big- but it is nice to show people that you care and to have them do the same for you.  Maybe I AM a little romantic, just don't tell anyone.

As you know I like doing special things for my kids- for their birthdays and holidays- to take to school and share with their friends.  After one long Pinterest session last year, I decided to make them valentines.  A cute card with something a little extra to go along with it.  And that's when I made these.

Max- super, super into Lego and has been for a couple years.  He really likes the ninja ones- especially the green ninja.  I grabbed some lollipops at the bulk store and wrapped them in some green tissue.  I just cut a square, put it over top & twisted it around.  For the eyes, I just took some yellow vinyl I had (you could use construction paper or cardstock too) and cut the shape and drew on some (what I think are fierce) eyes,  Make an opening in the card, pop the "ninja head" in and voila.
And yes, as you'll see below, I got a little carried away with the puns.  I love me a cheesy pun.

For Elise, she never knows what she wants.  More what she doesn't want.  For her, I didn't want candy, she was only 4 at the time and I don't like teachers hating me.  Glow sticks were the obvious choice.  We love glow sticks over here.  Cut a little opening where the horn is, put in the glow stick (and add a little tape to hold it on, for this one and the lollipop) and you're done!

Easy, cute and something a little special.

This year, the school had boxes of valentines donated, and you know that Star Wars and Ever After High (which I would not have purchased) are cooler than mom.  So no homemade cards this year.   Sad face.

I hope you enjoy these valentines as much as I did.
To make them, just download the file, print on cardstock and add your little extra- glow sticks or lollipops.  Don't forget- address them before you add the extras!

To get the printable unicorn file click here

To get the printable ninja file click here

Happy Valentine's day my friends.  I'll have a twizzler for you.