shaking the snowglobe of life

Hey all.  I know- it has been SO LONG since I have blogged.  Life has been a whirlwind and sometimes some of those balls up in the air just drop.

Maybe you're wondering - what's the deal?  Or maybe you know what the deal is.

Anyways- One House with 2 barns is for sale.  Yup.  For sale.

It's pretty bittersweet.  Tim and I have had the conversation for the last few months and put pros and cons on the table- and I guess it comes down to we're ready for the next adventure.

We (Tim) have this problem - when all the dust settles and things are status quo- we he likes to pick up the snowglobe of life and shake the heck right out of it again.

Yes- that is kind of craptastic, seeing as how we were under construction for umpteen months last year.  But, it made the house sellable.

We love our home.  We do.  We've put years of love and hard work and careful thought (and a bunch of mistakes!) into it.  We got married here.  We brought our babies home here.  We sent our kiddos off to their first days of school here.  There's sentiment- so much sentiment.  It's hard to make my heart right with the decision my head has made.

BUT.... we have a wonderful large yard and it takes a lot of our time to work on it.  I'm not a green thumb, at all.  I like gardening- ok, no I don't.  I like planting stuff.  I like looking at it.  I hate maintaining it.  And with a big old yard, you gotta pull weeds.  A LOT.

With our jobs and our businesses and our other commitments and our crazy ideas for more stuff, it all gets to be overwhelming and something suffers.  And we REFUSE to let that be our kids/family life. Our plan is to go smaller and more efficient for our lives.  We have an idea of what we'd like to do- and I'll share that with you when things get more solid (like selling the house!)

We're hoping for a quick sale- not a long drawn out affair.  Keeping the house in showing shape, with two kids, a dog and a cat and us, is stressful, to say the least.

And, hey, if we don't sell the house- I'm ok with that too.  I will put together a post with a full tour one of these days and, like I said, keep you up to date with the goings on.  Until then, if you want to nose around the place

click here

I'll be back (not in an Arnold kind of way) when I can carve out some time again.  Until then, thanks for checking in and tagging along on this journey so far.