checking in


It's been so long since I've posted, I feel like I need to do one of those "Previously on....." and rattle off what last went down on the old blog.  But - by the magic of technology, you can just click into my last post here and you're caught right up.

So race back to the present and here we are-  last bit of August and summer is, sniff, sniff, almost over.  You might be wondering how life is progressing over here- last time I posted, I said we were listing our house for sale.  And..... it's still for sale.  Boo.  I've come to grips with the whole selling of the home business.  I'm cool with it.  We have a plan. But, we don't have a buyer... yet.  So, my whole basement is packed- in boxes- and it's almost September, and I'm going to want to get out my pumpkins and all that stuff.  First world problems, am I right?

Also, to add to the fruit salad of my life, I've been on strike since the end of June.  Not "I'm on strike as a mom, and I'm not doing laundry anymore!" nope, a real picket line, picket sign, turn your life on it's ear strike.  "How's it going?" you might ask- and I will answer you "it's going"  Cause it is.  It's an experience that has it's ups and it's downs but I have made friends - good, strong bonds- with amazing people I never would have had the opportunity to spend copious amounts of time with before.  And for that- I am thankful.

These two things have kind of cramped my style - no painting, no projects, DYI-ing going on this summer.  I'm starting to get my groove back though- I'm itching to make things.  And I'm full of nonsense to write and share with you all.

I'm finishing up with this little monster and I'll post it when the other little monster heads back to school in TWO WEEKS!

So for now, I'm going to go try and plan creative lunches to pack that will never get eaten, and carefully label all the things that will get left on the bus the first week and count down the days till the Gilmore Girls reunion comes on- you know- mom life.