my favourite things- Christmas movies!

I think you have all realized by now that Christmas itself is one of my favourite things- and it's just not Christmas without Christmas movies.  I have been known to watch one or two in the middle of summer, much to the disgust of my darling husband.  Making a list of my favourites wasn't too hard, it was making sure it wasn't just a list of ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES.

I love having a hot drink, some popcorn, a cozy blanket, my kids at my side, the dog at my feet, the cat on my lap and watching these while the Christmas tree twinkles beside us.  That's pure bliss right there.

Not many of these are on Netflix, so if you don't catch them on TV, or you don't already own them (we do) try your local library.  Most libraries have a stellar collection of movies that you can borrow FOR FREE.  It's just something I know. 

On with the list!

home alone STICKER by imoji

This is my son's favourite- it's in my top 5, I think.  For me, the original is king.  We saw this in the theatre when it came out with my folks and my gramma.  She loved this movie.  Loved loved it.  
The kids and I sing White Christmas, and always add in the AAAHHHH!!! (yes, we're nerds)

screaming macaulay culkin GIF by Home Alone


I don't know how you can't like this movie, but it happens.  My mom does not like it.  She's just a cotton headed ninny muggins, I guess.  So many quotes in this movie, so little time.  This one is on Netflix, so you can watch it over and over and over again.  

If you know me, this isn't surprising.  I love Charlie Brown- every holiday, but this one is my favourite.  Linus delivering the passage of scripture gets me a little teary every time.  (I already confessed to being a nerd, now you know it's true)

It's an oldie, but boy is it a goody.  We had this taped off of TV when we were kids, and I swear we wore that VHS out.  Santa is a real jerk in this one, but it just goes to show that Christmas can stress even the best of us right out.

Happy birthday!  I can't mention Rudolph without Frosty- it's like macaroni without cheese, it just isn't right. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon) (Jim Carrey)

My preference is the old school Boris Karloff version, my kids dig the Jim Carrey.  Either way, I love Max the dog.  That pooch is a scene stealer in both.

Muppets, fraggles, Snuffleupaguses and an icy patch.  If you grew up in the 80's- you'll get it.

We had this on 8 TRACK growing up!  My love for the mouse runs deep. Our copy has the shorts "The Art of Skiing" and "Pluto's Christmas Tree" on it.  HUGE bonus, huge.

decorating mickey mouse GIF

Alright- now my top two.  Have you guessed them yet?  I can't say I like one better than the other- I love them both. (get ready for some more GIFs)

christmas vacation GIF

Oh yes, we're having a good old fashioned family Christmas!

I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this movie.  My brother and I can shoot lines back and forth- Cam even came to Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house in a black dickie and white sweater.  THAT is how much we love this movie.  I have purchased Christmas Village pieces of it for my parents too.  They love it too.  We're the jolliest bunch of a---oles this side of the nuthouse.

My co-top favourite.  It might be my favourite honestly just by a hair.

Another one I could probably recite.  I don't know what it is about this movie- I just love it.  I love it being set in the 50's- I think if I chose to go back in time, that's where I would pick.  The narrator has the best voice, I love Randy and his snowsuit (I've maybe said "I can't put my arms down" so many times, it's not funny anymore, if it ever was) and Ralphie, sweet Ralphie.  Oh man, if you haven't seen this movie, and I run across people who haven't, you need to.  If you're a regular here or you know me, you know my language is vintage- I think that's why this movie speaks to me so.  And now I need to watch it.  Tonight.

a christmas story GIF

That's it.  My list.  It's pretty big, I know.  And it's missing some classics, I know that too.  My husband's favourite is It's a Wonderful Life, and I have to watch it with him every Christmas Eve. Maybe this says something about me, but I'll take cousin Eddie instead.

enough christmas vacation GIF

Happy watching!