valentines and snow days

Friends, can you feel it?  Love is in the air! 

Or is that just indigestion? 

I'm not really sure.

I'm back today with a Valentine-y post.  Now, I'm not a diamonds and roses kind of gal, I'm a homemade card and Twizzlers one.  Yes, the path to my heart is paved in licorice- and my husband knows this and realizes just how lucky he is.

So no big old romance or over the top stuff for me, but I like a little celebration.  It makes life fun, and we all need more fun in our lives.  My folks used to make things special for us- birthdays and holidays and that's what I remember and that's what I want for my kids.  And heck, I'll be honest, it's for me too.

If you have littles, if you don't- these are some fun and easy things that you can do to celebrate a little and make someone you love (and yourself!) smile.

Add some easy (and inexpensive!) decorations

Here in our entryway- I added a little wooden heart garland (that I bought at the dollar store- I think I have a dollar store problem!)  
When I bought it, it was red and that would have been fine but I painted each heart in the pastel colors of conversation hearts and added our names in red.  That little chalk heart is from there too!

I grabbed some large heart shaped glittery stickers when I grabbed my unicorn tote - and have these sprinkled through the house.  Pink and glitter and boxwood.  That's a combo I can get behind.

I found this wooden bowl at the thrift store last year and I filled it with some of my collection of Scrabble tiles.  I tossed some valentines from my kiddos on top.  Cause nothing says I love you like Star Wars.

And the mantle- it has my photo garland and some valentine-y extras, like a vintage postcard and my little lady vase who is sporting a Marge Simpson-esque 'do


Homemade art 

I made this little XO with some potato stamps and just washi taped it to an old print I have and I really am digging the look.

Make some treats and some good old fashioned Valentine Cards!

The kids had a snow day last Friday and we took the opportunity to have a little Valentine preparation, complete with treats and a fun table set up.

I made this runner with drop cloth and potato stamps (and paint)!  

Chocolate cupcakes on a snow day- there was no argument about sitting for pics.....

It was not cold in the house- my son just needs a haircut terrible, so I made him wear a toque!  And it's from one of my fave small shop gals Shay, at Surfing Ninja Clothing.

While doing cards for their classes (which we did NOT make ourselves), they did some for each other.  These felt envelopes were ANOTHER dollar store find this year- I went back to buy two more but they were gone!  I just glued a little twine to each and tied it to their chairs.

I hope this inspired you to take a little time to celebrate and have some fun this Valentine's day with the people you love.

And some Twizzlers never hurt.



Hilda MacDonald said…
Lovely ideas Laura. Beautiful pics. ❤️❤️