Spring Home Tour

It's spring in this house!  I squinched my eyes up (defying the wrinkles) and wished my hardest and then.... went downstairs and grabbed some eggs and bunnies.  It's my spring and I'll decorate if I want to.  And eat mini eggs.  Cause, mini eggs.

I'm also totally excited to be a part of the Canadian Bloggers Spring Home tour, hosted by the lovelies; Shannon, of Home Made Lovely and Christina of The DIY Mommy. Thanks ladies! Today is the last day- and I'm the last stop!  At the end of the post there are links to all the other spring-alicious tours. 

Aren't they gorgeous?!

and bonus- follow along on the old Insta with the hashtag #cbhometour - heck, just follow them all on there- their insta stories alone are worth it!   

Let's clear all the grey and dirty snow and cold out of the way and bring in the green, the flowers and the warm spring air!  This post is about a bazillion photos, so grab a cup of something and come on inside!

 Here's our entry donning it's spring best......

The old seed cabinet is sporting some cherry blossom branches- I can't wait till they bloom!- and some little chicks from Homesense and little succulents from Michael's.

I pulled in a lot of green for spring- in flowers and in some faux succulents.  The wreath on the entry ladder is one I made with some embroidery hoops, cork,  fabric and paper succulents.  And a whole lot of patience.

My bunny ears hook is one of my favourite things.  It's from Anthropologie.

You all know I love a good pun- and on a hook.  The best.

Let's slide around the corner to the kitchen- and one of my favourite things I've added lately.  My dad had a collections of old bottles he found through his years working- digging them up as they put in new hydro services- in the basement. I asked him if I could take them and he said yes.  Winning.  

I am not a lover of washing dishes- it needs to be done, I realize- but having a ledge of antique bottles with flowers in them, makes it not so bad.  And it distracts me from seeing my neighbour out feeding the over-sized squirrels.  HINT- that's why they are over-sized.

I don't think I've shared our kitchen finished, except on Instagram.  We love it.  The layout works really well for us, and only one wall of uppers is A-OK.  We have a mini fridge in the island for our drinks- water pitcher, juice, pop, daddy pop..... and that frees up so much space in the main fridge, which makes my fridge chaos not too noticeable.  Our pendants are vintage enamel barn shades that my dad wired up into lights for me.  They have the Crystalina bulb by Globe Electric in them- and that's the cherry on top.

What's a home tour without a little snack?
If you can believe it, that little turquoise metal cake stand is from Dollarama!  I've said it before, I will say it again- the dollar store is getting to be a problem for me.

I dressed up my table too!
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have watched my stories (where you seen what a goofball I actually am) when I moved this church pew.  It's still here!  And my daughter loves sitting on it- my husband, not so much. But I like how it looks, so it's gonna stay.  For now.....

On the table, I have some craft paper wrapping paper that I picked up in the Michael's dollar bins a couple of years ago. I thought the chicken wire was kind of springy.  The runner I made a few years ago - here's the link to how I made it.

My table is always dressed eclectically.  I'm not a matchy matchy gal.
I'm embarrassed to admit how many different tries it took me to find plates that fit my liking.  I think the Blue Willow are here to stay though.  They are the perfect bit of colour, of vintage and pattern.  (My dinner plates aren't vintage- those and a number of other pieces on the table- including the little Kate Spade dachshaund plates, I've collected at Homesense for the past few years.)

These eggs are wood- I found them at the thrift store in a bag of wood crafty things.  I painted a few in shades of gold, blue and green and then left the rest natural.

Between the dining and living areas, I have my rusty cart with some vintage treasures.  The radio doesn't work, but that aqua sure does!  

Finally, I know it's been a long ride, we're in the living room.

My dad made this wood slice for me.  He had an old cedar log in his shop, for about 15 years, and he decided to make both my mom and I beautiful slices of it- without us even asking!  Dad's on trend.

The little bunnies on my mantel are from- yep, you guessed.  Dollarama.  I painted them both gold and added a black and white paper ribbon around their necks.  The little egg cup was also in that bag of goodies I grabbed at the thrift store.  I painted this one to look like the gorgeousness made by Piece of Mind Pottery.

And this little guy.  I love bunnies, can you tell?  I purchased this from LILAxLOLA on Etsy - it's an instant download- and I ran it on my own large printer onto canvas.  The kids and I love it. 

Here's the reason we love bunnies so much.  Blue Bunny.  He's been my son's favourite since he was just teeny.  He's been all over- lost (and found!) once at the grocery store- and on all our family vacations. 

Thanks for hanging out with me- I hope you've enjoyed this tour of our home ready for Spring and that you don't judge me for my obvious love of eggs and bunnies. Now, go get your spring on.  Or at least go get some chocolate eggs.

🐇 Laura



Love the bunny ears wall hook! I've considered it a few times for myself, but it looks perfect right there in your home.
I'm a slo a huge fan of Kate Spade and weinner dogs, so your little plates on your tablescape are good fun :)
Spring has sprung over here!
Krista Aasen said…
Love your fun springy touches! Your kitchen is stunning, and your spring table is beautiful! Great tour:)
I LOVE that seed cabinet, it's so gorgeous! And your spring table setting is so lovely...I love green and blue together! Beautiful spring tour!
Enjoyed having you on the tour with us this Spring!
Jenn said…
Beautiful tour! Love the blue and green tablescape and those little dog plates are so cute! Have a wonderful Spring!
Loving all of your vintage touches, that radio! Are those jaditte plates? Awesome! I love your love of bunnies, it's so adorable and completely you! Those ears though, I love that - hang hare - hahaha