dessert boards

Hey all!  
It's getting closer and closer to Christmas- I don't think I'm in the minority when I say that I'm not ready yet.  There's always more to do, but it Christmas will come regardless.

We're hosting two family Christmases this year, which I totally enjoy, and I've had all kinds of ideas rattling around in the great hollow that sits on my shoulders.  I had already planned on doing a cheese or charcuterie board- not because it's so trendy, but because salty meats and cheeses and pickled things are so delicious.  I'd take that over a taco dip any day, and I love me a good taco dip (I think there should be a Blood Taco Dip Content test for all those who snacked away the 80s to see if we are all now 15% cream cheese) I've been cruising for ideas for lovely looking cheese boards, I found my Holy Grail.  


These ain't your gramma's cookie trays people!

Here's a couple of genius moments I found on Pinterest....

Dessert Charcuterie Board

I decided to do two test runs of my own and bring you along.

I pulled together some of the things I had planned on serving- a variety of cookies, some candies, chocolates and snowflake marshmellows, some fruit and caramel.

Grabbed a round wooden board.

And piled.

Here are my non-expert tips for putting together a dessert board...

Like with like.

It makes more impact if you have a bunch of the same together, rather than one here and one there.

Add some colour.

Try to mix up where you put the cookies- not all the white-ish coloured ones together or if they are, break it up with some coloured candies or fruit.


If I had a bigger board I would have likely added at least one more.  Maybe with some sweetened mascarpone for dipping.


If you can add shape- in cut out cookies, different candies, etc. - it just adds more interest.

Fill that sucker up.

These kind of boards look best (to me) if they are loaded and there's not a whole lot of board showing.  Fill the empty spaces with little candies, fruits or nuts.

Don't limit yourself to just cookies.  

Add some fruit; berries, clementines and grapes fit into those voids and add some colour.
Who doesn't like a mini donut- I know I sure do.  Wouldn't a stack of those be cute on here too?
Squares.  Lemon, date, raspberry- whatever.  It adds another shape, and sometimes some colour too.
Candy.  Cause why the heck not.

I think these boards look great, if you're hosting or if you're bringing something to a get together.  You don't have to be a baker to make these boards- grab all the boxes of cookies and bags of candies and go to town.  No one will care cause it will look so darn good!  

Please note- no cookies or candies were injured or consumed during the assembly of these boards.  I am a professional. 😏

Until next time,