Modern Eclectic Christmas Home Tour

Hello!  It's been awhile since I've posted here on the blog- but it's my absolute favorite time of year and I couldn't miss it.

I'm teaming up with some wonderfully talented ladies for a Celebrate Christmas blog hop- these are my favorite posts of the year.  I love going through the tours and decorating ideas (more than once!) to be inspired for all things-- Christmas and otherwise!  Big thanks to Eileen at Sand Dollar Lane for organizing it all!

If you're stopping in from Ann's tour at Dabbling and Decorating isn't her cozy style just THE BEST?!

If you've seen last year's tour here, this year is a bit different.  Last year was fun and colorful and maybe, just maybe, a little extra.  I may know this cause it took a heck of a long time to clean up #hindsight
This year I was feeling more eclectic and moody- yes, personally too but also in the Christmas decor.  Darker richer colors, more texture and lots of shine.  If I have to put myself in a box with a description, I'm going to say modern eclectic- but not with an MCM vibe.  It's not polyester a-line skirts with crazy patterns, it's black turtlenecks and berets.

Throw on some good Christmas jazz (it's my go-to right now) pour yourself a glass of something and I hope you enjoy the tour!

I have a confession to make- I had my friend Kyra take the photos for me this year.  She's a pro.  I am not.  If you're local and looking for a great photographer- who is funny and sweet and cool, click on over to her site here.

 Come on inside.....

I saw some gorgeous frayed velvet ribbon this year at Terrain- but my cheap, Canadian brain couldn't fathom the exchange or the duty, so I grabbed some wired velvet ribbon at Michael's and cut the wire off.  I loved the result, not structured, lots of texture and just a little unkempt.  Wow, that sounds like my hair.

I love an ornament wreath- I have for a long time.  I made my first one, probably 15 years ago.  It's still kicking around at my mom and dad's and it's still flippin gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  This year- I decided to jump on the asymmetrical wreath bandwagon.  I spent a few mornings before work gluing and wiring ornaments to one of my faux wreaths- giving a new look to old things is one of my favourite ways to change up my decor.

 In case you were wondering- that's for me.  The other three in this house, I'm not so sure....

This was the first little vignette I set up this year- minus the tree.  The painting has been in the basement at my parents' house for many years and I just knew it would work in here.  My dad surprised me when he told me that it was actually painted by his aunt years ago.  So it's an original!   I love it even more now.  The colours, the scene and the history draw me right in.

If you know me, you knew there would be bowls of ornaments around here.

Yes, it's me. Pretending to light a candle that is already lit.  Cause when Kyra tells you to do something, you listen.  And do it awkwardly.

I setup the table this year with a scrap of blue plaid fabric I thrifted a few years ago, knit placemats from Winners and a velvety runner with fur pom poms from Giant Tiger (not even kidding, it was $10).  It's not classic Christmas, but remember, it's berets, not Santa hats, this year.

 Another asymmetrical wreath I put together with a thrifted plaid scarf.  It's bulky but I think it works.

I went to the thrift store one day, specifically looking for a gold tinsel tree.  The stars aligned and I looked on the bottom shelf (which I rarely do, cause I'm lazy) and there it was.

Some of the trees on this FLIPPY SEQUIN RUNNER (!) I DIY-ed this fall.  I bleached, dyed, glittered and put new bases on a bag of old bottle brush trees- it was an easy DIY with an awesome result.

 This whole bokeh situation has me happier than you can ever know.

Oh don't mind me.  Just sitting here, drinking some coffee, minding my own business.

I was searching and searching for white felt pompom garland this year- I have no idea where the heck people are getting them, because I didn't find one single strand- anywhere!
What I did find though, was a bag of cream yarn with gold and silver threads at the thrift store.
I read a couple of tutorials and finger knit some garlands and I have to say, I think I love them more than I would have the pom poms.  I also had some green velvet ribbon I cut into strands and placed  tinsel-like on the branches.  It's a little quirky, and that's a good thing.

My Putz houses found a home in my mail sorter this year.  And more bottle brush trees.  Cause you can't have enough of those.

Who says one Christmas tree is enough?  Tim says it.
Who listens?  I do not.

Please do not stop taking your brass deer to the thrift store.
I would like more.  Thank you in advance.

If you follow me on Instagram (which if you don't, what are you even doing) you'll know that I made over the kids' loft area this summer.  I painted it and added all the stars (one by one)- it turned out so well- if they would keep it clean, I would sit up here all the time.

The kids decorated this tree- it's so crazy and haphazard.  It's the best.

Fun fact.  I did not know that a narwhal was a real thing.  I thought it was made up for the movie Elf.

 My best friend roasted me good for that- and now, I have a hard time not picking up narwhal stuff- just to remind me I'm not nearly as smart as I think I am.

My tiny bottle collection full of evergreen clippings on my window and the wreath nicely distract from the view of construction out my kitchen window.

 We didn't have our hanging shelves up last year in time for Christmas- they just make this space.

I've had a moment with oranges this year too.  I dried a bunch of slices, made them into garlands and put them into some wreaths and this faux boxwood.  And one night my daughter and I made the pomanders, sitting on the couch watching Jessie and putting cloves into oranges.  The best part was the next day when Tim got scared- he glanced over at the island and saw them.  He though they were doll heads with all the hair cut off.

I'm serious.

He thought I had a bowl of decapitated, shorn doll heads on the counter.

I hope you've enjoyed my modern eclectic take on Christmas this year- and maybe found a nugget or two to inspire you this year.  Make sure to visit all the blogs in the links below and get your Christmas on.



Lindsay Aratari said…
Your home is so beautiful and festive! I love the place settings!
Hilda said…
Love everything about your blog, your house, your sense of humour! Never mind your fab sense of style!!!
Loving your modern, eclectic take on Christmas! Happy to be here with you on the tour.

Everything looks so amazing. What a beautiful post friend🙌🏻
Betty4 said…
I'm a new reader to your blog and I just will come right out and say it.........I love you. Is that blue willow dishes I see on your dining table. And I'm an Elf movie groupie. I watched it this year over the 4th of July weekend. The dust bunnies can wait. I'm taking a cue from you, getting a cup of coffee and reading your blog.
Paula@SweetPea said…
I loved touring your home! Your decor looks so festive. I'm wanting to "plant" a tree in a wooden bowl of ornaments after seeing yours.
Love all of your decor; especially the mantel and the kitchen window! And you have such a great writing style. I'll have to come visit here more often:)
Julie Briones said…
Your dark tones are lovely, as well as your big Christmas tree! Thanks for hopping with us!
Mary said…
Beautiful, funny and cute! Happy Holidays!
Grandmd said…
Always love your eclectic & original decorating ideas & never better than for Christmas, my favourite time of the year - well one of them
I am ROLLING about the "doll heads." Hilarious! Your house is beyond inspirational. I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.
Your home is so lovely all dressed up for Christmas! So much wonderful creativity!
Kippi O'Hern said…
Your home is perfect! I love your DIY wreaths and the kid's space is heaven!
Merry Christmas,
Your eclectic style is so much fun. I want to steal your idea on the mail sorter with the houses and bottle brush trees. First I need to find a mail sorter LOL. The kids tree is so adorable! Go Mr. Narwhal!
Eileen Curinga said…
I want to come visit and spend hours just peeking around your beautifully decorated spaces! I especially love the village in the mail sorter!
I know you will be laughing about the "doll heads" for a long time! 🤣
Erin said…
I love it! First of all, it all came together beautifully. The perfect amount of personality and fun in every vignette. Secondly, you are hilarious! So glad I stopped by!
Sonya said…
I love your eclectic Christmas style, everything looks amazing. I especially love the wreath on the chalkboard. Happy to have been on the hop with you.
OMG, I think Tim is hilarious, he seriously needs a comedy channel! Bahahahaha I'm also glad you do not listen to him, yes to all of the trees! Seriously though, this is completely gorgeous, every single thing!!!! I especially love seeing your beautiful face! Merry Christmas my friend, this tour is stunning!
Everything looks so festive and happy!
Lynne said…
Your home is gorgeous...I just love your style! It is so wonderful to connect with you on this blog hop! Merry Christmas to you and your family!