Spring-y Garden-ish Thrift the Look Challenge

Hello everyone!  It's officially spring! It isn't super warm yet here, and the grass is just starting to think about greening up, but I've been ready for plants and sunshine for awhile and that was why we decided during the cold winter months, that this spring's Thrift the Look was going to be Garden-Inspired!

Once again, a group of us thrifty gals are getting together (virtually!) to recreate some looks we love for pennies with items we've thrifted (and maybe shopped our brimming basements for too!)

Thanks, as always, to Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods for organizing this all for us!

Alright, let's get started.

Here's my inspiration image from Vibeke Design - check out here instagram feed, it's absolutely gorgeous!

It's so spring-y and lovely.  What caught my eye right away was that orange tin- I knew I had one similar in my stash- and finding some other pieces to go along shouldn't be too hard.

Here's my look.

Remember, this is an inspired look- not exact.  I don't have any daffodils in my yard- so I raided my plant stash, real and faux.  
Let's break it down....


Big orange.  I swiped/borrowed/liberated this tin from mom and dad's years ago.  It's had many different lives- crayon container, Christmas tree holder, cookie cutter corale, to name a few....

This little tin in front we actually found in the walls of our old house when we were renovating- it was like the happy meal prize.

I didn't have a large crockery vase, but I thought this copper jug had the right feel, shape and colour that I wanted for this vignette.  I thrifted it last fall- I have a hard time leaving copper or brass pieces behind when I find them.  I'm glad I grabbed it.  

The cutting boards and the wooden peg rack were also thrifty finds.  And at my thrift store, they're very rare finds.  Whenever I find a cutting board, I usually pick it up.  If it's gross, I clean it and sand it down (I clean them even if they aren't gross!)

The plants add the green and life that the inspiration pic just exudes- and the faux alium add a small pop of colour- not as much as the inspiration pic, but I'm also not that colourful either.  
Just my personality ;)

I hope you enjoyed this little Thrift the Look- I think it's always cool to see how you can recreate beautiful looks- heck you can just flat our create beautiful looks- with thrify finds.

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Be well friends!
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Tania Pelletier said…

Laura, this is beautiful! I love the wonderful elements you brought in from the inspiration photo...those gorgeous tins! You really captured a lovely spring garden look!
I love it all lady! Where on earth did you find those faux allium, I LOVE them!
Heather said…
I love this! You've really shown how to take inspiration and make it your own. It's beautifully done. How fun to find an old tin in the walls!
Sheila said…
I love this so much, Laura! That copper jug is a-ma-zing, and so are your tins. The story behind the little guy discovered in your wall is such a treasure. What a great 'find'. You have done such a great job with your TTL!
Lora Bloomquist said…
Love the combo you came up with, Laura. That tin is awesome, and so is the copper pitcher. Great combined with all the other rustic textures and greenery. Always love your vintage/modern vibe!
Paula@SweetPea said…
Your spring vignette is lovely, Laura! I so much enjoyed your pictures and reading about where you found all of your treasures. The orange tin is my favorite piece with the copper pitcher in second place. You've inspired me to start looking for cutting boards at the thrift store. Sanding them down is a great idea to refresh them.
Love that orange tin! And the one you found in the wall is awesome! The copper vase is so pretty and has such an interesting shape. Love it all!
Sarah Ramberg said…
The TINS! Ok, I love that the one is called Big Orange...and I cannot BELIEVE you found that other sweet tin in the walls. I'm dumbstruck! What a fabulous story and they worked beautifully in your version of Vibeke's photo!