Thankful for vintage (and a whole lot more)

Hey all! It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend and some of the Creative Vintage Darlings and I decided to hit our blogs (and, in my case, unearth my creativity) and share some of our fall-y Thanksgiving-ish vintage goodness.

I don't know if you've been paying attention, but Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, smaller turkeys, less potatoes, only one kind of pie, or maybe it's pizza or take-out with smaller groups or virtual meals.  

Boo, sure, I know it. 

But you know what doesn't look different, being thankful.  And for one, I'm thankful for these darling ladies and the opportunity to share a little with you.  I don't have much in the way of  vintage Thanksgiving stuff, but I combed through the treasure trove that is my basement and came up with an idea that sets off the warm, cozy, vintage vibe that I associate with this time of year.

Let's hit it.

Here's my little fall/Thanksgiving table for a very casual afternoon or evening, some coffee, some cookies, some candles- and you don't even need stretchy pants.

I don't know about you, but I am always thankful for cookies.  My girl baked these up for me, with very little help by the way, and they taste great.  (I'll give you a boo at the recipe at the end, they're my fave)

I couldn't find the right table linen for the look and feeling I wanted.  
I also didn't want to iron, shh, don't tell anybody
I grabbed a pile of vintage doilies I have from my grandma and laid them all out along the length of the table, like a patchwork runner.  I've done this before at Christmastime, and I just loved how it looked. It adds texture and the history of something handmade.  It's kind of granny chic and I'm owning that.

The board, the cute little vintage jug and my Johnson Brothers plates are all thrift store scoops I've made over the years.

And so begins the season of the brass candlesticks. Load your table up, my friends- more is better.  Just don't catch your sleeve on fire, ok?  My collection of these babies has kind of stalled the last year, because it seems either people aren't getting rid of them or more people are collecting them, either way, I don't like it!  I totally have space for a couple, thirty more......

My mercury glass looking pumpkin- was clear when I grabbed it at the thrift shop years ago and I sprayed it with looking glass spray paint.  I stacked it on top of some vintage books, another one of my collections- they always come in handy.  And see that cake stand?  That's just a round marble board balanced on a copper and brass vessel I grabbed a couple of weeks ago.  My advice is be careful what you stack on there unless you glue it, you could by crying over spilled cookies.

You can totally create a look like this for whatever you are doing for Thanksgiving, be it big or small.  Layer on some texture and some warmth, throw in a pumpkin or ten, plate up whatever you're serving and enjoy the moment and take some time to be thankful.  And that being said, thank YOU for hanging out here today, I'm so thankful for each and every one of you that read my ramblings- even if it's just my mom- I'm thankful. 😊

Back to those cookies......

This is an old- heck, it's vintage now- recipe from one of my mom's old magazines, I don't even know now which one.  These are called Oatmeal Shortbread cookies- they aren't shortbread at all, but like that title says, they are Best-Ever. I searched online and cannot find the recipe, so you'll have to use my stained old copy- but really, that's how you know it's good!

Don't skip the almond extract, that's the secret to the deliciousness.


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Tania Pelletier said…
Oh, this looks SO pretty! I love brass candlesticks and I actually forgot about mine, I'll be getting them out now!

I LOVE reading your ramblings, I makes me feel like I'm sitting there with you in that cozy beautifully set table - I LOVE the doilies, so clever. I am beyond thankful for you! xo
Lora Bloomquist said…
Those cookies sound so yummy! Pinned the recipe; I've been craving oatmeal cookies or muffins. Those sweater mugs are awesome, and I love how their texture works with the doilies. I've got tons of doilies and love the way you've massed them together. And have you heard "grandmillenial" is totally a thing right now? Bring on the vintage! Who would have thought we would be trendy??
Heather said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I'm a sucker for a crochet doily and you did such justice to them. Love it.